Published on: 26/06/2018



Philip Evans, 29, Susanne Evans, 33, Rebecca Evans, aged five

Philip and Susanne Evans served in Rhodesia as teachers at the Emmanuel School.  Rebecca, their youngest daughter lived with them at the mission station and their other two children Rachel and Timothy, went to boarding school in a different area of the country.
They had been missionaries in Rhodesia from 1976, and their letters suggest that they truly felt called to be there and to see people come to know Jesus. They explain, “we regard it as a great privilege to be ambassadors of Jesus and by God’s grace we will by some means or another lead some to Christ.”
Philip, Susanne and Rebecca, just 5 at the time, were killed along with the other 10 missionaries on the 23rd June 1978. Our thoughts and prayers have been with the surviving children and throughout the years they have been remembered as they have sought to live life knowing that their dear parents and young sister died so tragically.

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