Management Basics with Mark Topley

Simple skills to improve your project and event management

Looking for effective skills and tools to significantly improve the quality of the projects and events you plan?

The pressures on people in ministry have never been as great. We live in an increasingly fast-paced world and the demands on our time as well as the pressure on any margin in our lives are shrinking.

We need to be able to manage our focus, our energy and our priorities to not only deliver our responsibilities but also ensure we maintain our physical, spiritual and emotional health.

There are simple principles that can be taught and developed that help people entering the ministry, or leaders in a post, to manage their days in ways that move them towards achieving their mission without burning out.

These webinars will help you to engage support and market concepts more effectively.

Management Basics with Mark Topley

Webinar dates: 7 JUN, 13 SEP, 18 OCT, 11 DEC @ 10AM.  Tickets: £50


Our lead facilitator for this event is Mark Topley. He is an experienced leader, strategist, planner, trainer and 'get stuff done' kind of guy who loves developing people and organisations to reach their full potential.

With an unusual but ultimately fortunate combination of gifts in strategic thinking and attention to detail, Mark's career to date has had rich variety - working with charities, businesses and churches on four continents, pursuing his passion for excellence and delivering complex projects often in difficult places.

He began his career as a teacher and started to fully live out his love of making things happen as Community Project Manager with Revelation Church in 1996. Mark was the Project Manager behind the launch of Fusion in the mid-90s, before itchy feet got him working in music, as a Tour Manager with various acts including Delirious. An encounter involving a curry saw him start work with the dental charity Dentaid and then Bridge2Aid in 2003.

Mark was deeply challenged by the pain and suffering he witnessed first hand affecting millions of people caused by untreated dental disease across East Africa. His response took him and his wife Jo to Tanzania in 2006 to work alongside the Founders of Bridge2Aid, Ian and Andie Wilson. Over the next 10 years, whilst living in Tanzania, Bridge2Aid would grow to become the UK's foremost dental charity, now run in Tanzania by Tanzanians, respected and recognised at the highest levels of Government, with an impact on millions of East Africans.

In 2017, Mark made the decision to take his experience and passion into a new role, helping non-profits to be more effective, and inspiring businesses to work productively and meaningfully with charities. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and 3 children.

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Management Basics with Mark Topley

Simple skills to improve your project and event management

Aims of this training

  • Foundational Organisation and Project Management
    Thursday 7 June 2018 at 10am

  • Self Management – basic principles of managing yourself – envisioning, prioritising, focusing, reviewing, and managing energy
    Thursday 13 September 2018 at 10am

  • Project and Event Management – how to conceptualise, plan, engage stakeholders and execute an event or project
    Thursday 18 October 2018 at 10am

  • Promoting, marketing and using Social Media – how to promote and market events and programmes so that your hard work planning, results in uptake and attendance
    Tuesday 11 December 2018 at 10am

Who can attend these webinars?

This training event has been designed specifically for Elim ministers, Ministers in Training and their church team.

The price for all four webinars is £50. 

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Got any questions?

If you have any queries about this event, please contact Rebekah Marshall      01684 588947

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